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Hot eBay Amp Auctions - 1963 Blonde Bandmaster & '66 Pro Reverb

I just spotted this '63 Blonde Fender Bandmaster auction-- at only $405 with less than 2 days left.

The seller - 2700rick - is also auctioning a '66 Pro Reverb on the same listing schedule. Both listings include multiple photos, chassis #'s and other ID data on the gear. The seller is located in Pennsylvania, has sold gear previously at eBay and currently has a 100% rating.

1/4/08 ed note - After sitting in the low $800 range thru most of the final day, this baby jumped up to $1200+ within the final minute. The Pro sold in the $1200 range also, except no last minute bids. It had peaked out earlier in the day.

Refer to the EBAY VINTAGE GUITAR AMPLIFIER GUIDE for valuable tips-- to help ya from gettin' screwed.

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