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Demian Dominguez Joins Strat-o-Brothers Directory

Special thanks to the anonymous comment tipster for this one! Good call!

Demian Dominguez was born in Argentina and is currently based in Spain. He gigs around Europe where he's shared the stage with the likes of Jimmy Vaughan, Los Lobos & Bernard Allison.

The above vid begins with some extremely sweet Strat tones you just don't hear everyday. And although we do hear more than plenty of SRV influenced players, Dominguez is exceptionally clean and articulate.

Another thing we don't hear very often is guitar players who can cop Johnny Winter's vibrato style. Demian doesn't do it frequently, but it shows up when he is really rippin' it. The Winter vibrato is wide, slightly sharp like Stevie Wonder's vocal vibrato, but crazy shakey too!

Check out Johnny Winter's Rock Me Baby vibes from the Still Alive & Well album.

Now listen to Track #4 at: www.myspace.com/demianband Pay attention!

Dominguez plays some killer bottleneck as well, both on acoustic and electric which you can also hear at his myspace.

CLICK HERE for a bottleneck vid on a smokin' Tele.


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