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Creative Guitar Recording Process In the Key of 'V'

Carl Verheyen's Jan. 09 Premier Guitar interview is a must read. Besides the expected gear rundown, Verheyen gets into the importance of layering and orchestration in recording-- something often lacking in solo guitar albums. Fluent in many styles, Carl also talks about understanding ornamentation for your playing. Ornamentation describes the style cues & phrasing incorporated into a melody which create its genre flavorings. The surrealistic Country whine of Michael Lee Firkins or Steve Morse's chickin' pickin' are perfect examples. These guys can move in and out that ornamentation as easily as Frank Caliendo shifts from Bush to Madden within a single sentence.

The above Steve Vai vid, in many ways, demonstrates Verheyen's points.

It's simple to say in a nutshell that imagination is what sets somebody like Steve Vai apart from the global population explosion of shredders and sweepers. But the big 3 aspects of orchestration, layering and ornamentation are all major tools and standard approaches in the Vai arsenal.

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