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Z.VEX Discounts & Specials at Rockcessories!!

(image: Rockcessories)
Meet the "Box of Metal" OD/distortion product from Z.Vex. Looks just like a box of metal too! Z.Vex pedals are usually known for their wild, hand painted exteriors. But this works. Plus you can give it your own personalized paint job if you wanna.

Rockcessories is a cool little eBay Stores merchant that only sells Z.Vex items. In addition to the full product line, Rockcessories also offers discounts on scratch & dent demo items and Z.Vex merch & apparel, i.e. T-shirts, ball caps and jackets.

A quick call to Andy at Z.Vex confirmed that Rockcessories is part of the family. So if you've been shopping Z.Vex pedals check these guys for special deals on authorized Z.Vex products.

Z.Vex Directory at GuitarGearStores.com

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