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A Strat for Friday #106 - G&L Legacy Semi-Hollow Vintage Yellow

G&L Legacy Semi-hollow Vintage Yellow at Guitar AdoptionsPlease forgive the poor image here. Just click on the guitar to see its current listing at Guitar Adoptions, then click on the word "images" just under the product title. This Legacy sports a flame maple top on a swamp ash semi-hollow body-- and the neck is birdseye heaven! The back view and headstock close-ups are sweet! If this guitar could be bottled, you'd wanna pour it over your waffles!

G&L is really crankin' out the semi-hollow models these days.

Guitar Adoptions has a huge stock of hi-end G&L models. Through Dec. 31, 2008, use coupon code "STRATOBLOG" to obtain a $250 discount on any G&L marked at $1000 and above.

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