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Luthier Blog by Minnesota State College Staff

The luthiers who run the Guitar Building Program at Minnesota State College- Southeast Technical in Red Wing, Minnesota, run a blog about their program called Guitar Repair & Construction.

A browse around the blog reveals some great looking facilities and projects. They appear to get into all types of guitars and all aspects of luthiery. The photo is from a post on Advanced Finishing which includes the note:

"Pictured to the right is a beautiful hand applied sunburst on swamp ash with a dark grain filler to highlight the pores."

This program has it goin' on! At the blog you'll see that their facilities are spacious, organized and loaded with all the best tools and equipment; the perfect environment for rolling up the sleeves and discovering your own inner luthier. The blog also links to a variety of good resources for guitar builders.

I noticed a link to the school's Roger Benedict Memorial Scholarship Fund. The late Roger Benedict, one of the original boutique Strat makers, was a Minnesota based builder who created the first semi-hollow, Thinline Strat-type guitar I ever saw, which he called the Groovemaster. Roger passed away in 1994, but I recall speaking with him on the phone in about '90 and later receiving a large envelope of info. about Benedict guitars. He talked about selecting and tap testing woods-- all that cool super-geek builder stuff! That envelope is still bagged away somewhere around here. I didn't order a Benedict guitar--I should have, but we had a baby on the way. "Waahhh!"

Anyway, these builder/college faculty bloggers have a blog that's actually useful!!!

Anyone considering a career in guitar building & repair should take a serious look at their program!
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