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Hot Holiday eBay Fender Custom Shop Strat Auction

rare John Page '60 Stratocaster, Strat
As I write this, my eBay ads just revealed an auction listing for a rare "minty" Fender Custom Shop, John Page '60 Strat built in '94. Amazingly, at this moment with 20 hours remaining, 29 bids made, the current bid level is only $852!!!

CLICK HERE to check the listing. The listing features lots of photos and details. The seller is NOT an eBay Stores merchant, but they do list other items, and have a sales history with a 200 score and a 100% positive rating. That's all I can tell ya.

Who knows where this one will be 20 hours from now?!

But if it's still in your budget, you'll wanna be fast on the trigger with two browser windows loaded and ready to fire tomorrow night.

And may the best person win!

Ed note-Dec 18th: SOLD for $1700!! Can't friggin' believe it! We may see this one again.

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