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Happy Birthday Keef!!!

Guitar Holiday reminded me that today is Keith Richards' birthday. Keef is 65. In spite of everything, he doesn't necessarily look old for 65. It's become cliche' to Keef's history of substance abuse in conjunction with his appearance, but I've seen "clean livin' " 65 year old people who look just as old simply because of genetics or boredom.

Our icons are "expected" to never change. EVH takes the same crap. Some idiots still have difficulty handling the fact that Shirley Temple or Jerry Mathers as The Beaver grew up.

Anyway, since everybody changes, at least Keef keeps rockin' and isn't in a cubicle counting the minutes to retirement and a Social Security check, hoping to stay home watching Dr. Phil every day while readin' the AARP magazine on the toilet.

I've been listenin' to the X-Pensive Winos lately-- as well as checkin' out live stuff on the Youtube. Keef's time and natural grooves are uncanny!

I think it's nearly impossible to fall over when playing rhythms like he does. It's like those big fat bumble bees that fly even though they shouldn't technically be able to. He'll probably never break a hip!

We should all be this loose & free at 65. Happy Birthday Keef!

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