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G&L Dealer- GUITAR ADOPTIONS Has G&L Semi-Hollow's & Lefty's Galore!!

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Boutique Guitars from Guitar Adoptions GirlIf you want Fender soul-- but don't necessarily need an "F" on the headstock, remember G&L- Leo's line! The G&L operation still implements some of the old fashion approach. G&L doesn't spit out a zillion different guitars a day, in a zillion different models & price points, from a dozen different plants around the planet.

They DO make plenty of GOOD guitars with enough models, features & options for any reasonable earthling seeking a well built, great sounding instrument.

What more do we really need besides oxygen, water, food & warm intimate companionship?

I'm particularly impressed with G&L's plentiful semi-hollow guitar offerings these days! And if you play lefty, G&L hasn't forgotten about you. They've got lots of choices for lefty players too!

GUITAR ADOPTIONS is THE G&L dealer when it comes to inventory and selection. Unlike chain stores and mega sites, Guitar Adoptions provides the kind of knowledgeable personal service & deals you'd expect from a hometown guitar shop. They stock plenty of semi-hollow and special edition G&L guitars. CLICK HERE to browse their entire G&L inventory.

Besides G&L, they offer other serious gear lines like Michael Tuttle, Giffin, Flaxwood & Larivee guitars-- and boutique pedals like Barber, MI, Guyatone & Retro-Sonic Custom Effects. PLUS an entire product menu category just for Lefty's! I'm gettin' teary eyed here, and I'm not even a lefty...

Oh yeah, and that famous Guitar Adoptions ad girl... Well, she's also the one who makes sure each & every instrument is warmed up & adjusted properly before it goes out the door!

NOTE: Thru Dec. 31, 2008, Guitar Adoptions will knock an additional $250 off any G&L guitar priced from $1000 & up. USE COUPON CODE: STRATOBLOG

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