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Freeform Solo Stratobrother, Don DePaola

I discovered Don DePaola at the Guitars by Leo youtube channel, where he's featured in the G&L guitar demo vids. Don has his own channel & myspace promoting his solo work-- representing an eclectic range of fusion-new agey grooves on both electric & acoustic guitar.

Don DePaola's bio mentions that he quit playing for a 6 year period due to a severe hand injury, after which he had to re-learn from scratch. He doesn't say which hand was injured, but it's interesting to note that Don plays lefty. I'm wondering if he originally played righty...

Stay tuned on that one. We'll find out from Don soon if my Dr. House epiphany is true.

(ed note: Don let us know he was always a lefty, AND that the injury was to the middle finger on his right-fretting- hand, making chops recovery particularly difficult)

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