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Cult of Guitar Vibrato Technique- Were You Invited?

Paul Gilbert IS an awesome musician. Go ahead and watch the video first before reading on ok.


Ok. Did ya watch it all?

Great! Now, all due respect to Paul, what did you really learn about vibrato technique? Go back to 5:30 and pay close attention.

Is it really Paul Gilbert's "...job to plant the love of vibrato into your ears"?

Prior to watching this video, were you unable to recognize vibrato and/or determine on your own as to whether or not vibrato is cool?

Did Paul Gilbert invent vibrato-- or was he the first guitar player to bring it to your attention?

Are you a citizen of this planet? Earth? Y'know, third stone?

Did Paul demonstrate anything about vibrato technique and how vibrato is accomplished?

If you have difficulty and struggle with vibrato technique, did this video help to resolve your difficulty?

Ok, at least Paul is an articulate speaker and a nice guy too. You oughta see another clip on vibrato technique I saw. The guy plays some licks with and without vibrato and basically manages to grunt out that it sounds better with vibrato than without. Doncha agree? You betcha! Another astounding revelation for one and all!

Meanwhile nobody demonstrates HOW it's done! But we are impressed by these cult leaders who must consider that you either get vibrato or you don't. I'm in awe of them.

Meanwhile if you wanna learn the physics of vibrato technique CLICK HERE for a recent post which explores, breaks down and dissects vibrato technique. A video WILL be better and way less complicated- and I promise to make & post one in the not to distant. But nobody else is telling you what you're about to read.

Maybe the cult will have me knocked off for doing it...

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