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Chickenfoot's Official Band Name Will Be...

satriani,hagar,anthony & smith chickenfoot band
Looks like a guest blog by Tony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern...

Satch, Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony & Chad Smith are preparing their release, along with an official name to replace the current "working" moniker "Chickenfoot".

But I'm thinkin' that the last several months of online Chickenfoot buzz and Google indexing probably means they should stick with Chickenfoot.

Stranger band names exist, and in the long run the music transcends-- except maybe for "Sandy Duncan's Eye"... Besides, they could even design a nifty band logo combining style cues from VH & KFC.

I also forsee a new trendy appetizer at Applebee's and TGIF, perhaps even bigger than Buffalo Wings, and seasoned with the next chipotle. I'm talkin' about "CABO SPICE!!!" Then maybe a fast food chain franchise mainly showcasing chicken feet. It all could happen. Y'know not very long ago mainstream America was grossed out by sushi. Nowadays those spendy cans of Bumblebee albacore yield little more than mush.

But I digress.

As we anxiously await what could be the next super Rock powerhouse band-- and in view of recent current events, the only possible band name alternatives to Chickenfoot just HAVE TO BE:


Viva la Pollo!

Remember, you read it first at Stratoblogster! See ya'll at Applebees!

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