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Acoustic Resonance Massage Chair? LET'S ROCK!!!

Just when we thought the stainless steel wallet was cool, Hammacher-Schlemmer brings us the Acoustic Resonance Massage Chair- $7000.

Based on an old Scandinavian cradle design incorporating strings and a sound board underneath, this German made chair employs 60 strings in the back, which when strummed, provide a soothing harmonically audible massage experience.

Only problem is-- who's gonna stand back there and strum the damn thing?!

Since $7000 doesn't seem to solve this slight inconvenience, I feel obliged to help finish this project as a ridiculous public service.

You could place speakers behind the chair, blasting harmonizational stuff. Is harmonizational a word? I've been reading how to break in new acoustic guitars faster by leaning 'em against a speaker. This would also set off the chair strings without the need of a strummer. OR you could install pickups in the chair back and plug into an amp, placed behind the chair, then control the feedback with a volume pedal. You could even plug your guitar into channel 2 with chair in Ch #1 and use your guitar to set off the chair. Then you'd be jamming with your chair and getting a massage at the same time. Rockin' Chair! THEN you could add a looper so that when you get the right groove on, you can put the guitar down and relax with a beer.

I've just invented the official "Baby Boomers' Massage-O-Jam-Matic Rockin' Chair"! Non guitar players can simply interface an MP3 player and dial in their own "Jam Numbers". And of course this Strat-O-Lounger will also recline into a Jam Number Bed.

Jimmy Page & Pete Townshend will be pitching these in late nite info-mercials. George Forman will introduce the nifty bun warmer model. And if you prefer an antique look... Relic versions will of course be available. OR plaster it with flames and pin-up girl decals for that special Rock-a-Billy-Bye-Baby effect.

Nothing's gonna touch you in these golden years... like the Rockin' Chair that is! Just 10 easy payments of $1000, or let us help you get Medicare to cover the entire cost as you sit back and kick out the jams in comfortable numbness!

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Thanks Pribek!

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