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Vintage Pin-up Girl Guitar Decals- Waterslide or Static Cling Style

Sexy pinup guitar stickers and re-finishing resources.

HECTIC DECALS - Bomber Art Vintage Decals from the 1930s 1940s and 1950s era. Also assorted iron on transfers to personalize your garments. And there is a miscellaneous section for the odds and ends.

Pinupsplus-Decals has a great selection of retro WWII - 50's pinup decals scaled for guitar application. If you're looking for gas pump gals, they got 'em!

Rockin' Billy's Guitar Parts - (aka Greasy Groove) Pin-up decals and tons of graphics pickguards

Vince Ray Flaming Guitar StickerFlaming Guitar decal by artist Vince Ray- avail. at StickerXchange

StickerXchange features a line of Vargas looking models by Olivia which are UV litho print on clear archival mylar stickers. Olivia's line includes Bettie Page. Safe for polyurethane finish guitars, cases, cabinets, pedalboards, etc. I wouldn't use on a classic nitro finish guitar though.

StickerXchange full lines:
"Silkscreen stickers, Iron-on patches, Rock poster artists, Coop, Kozik, Marco Almera, Alan Forbes, Tara Mcpherson, Rockin' Jelly Bean, Derek Hess, Chuck Sperry, Vince Ray, Shag, Dirty Donny, Von Franco, Pizz, Scrojo, Aaron Marshall, Olivia, Betty Page, Rat Fink Decals Toys, Pop culture, Subculture."

Huge selection of classic cartoon stickers


Digger's Den

Baron's Classic Art

Amazon's Pin-up Sticker Listings Amazon also has a large variety of pin-up decal stickers.

TDC Designs - Clear plastic pickguards & trem covers with image transfers underneath. Safe from pick scratching harm to graphics.

Jockomo Inlay Stickers has some very imaginative faux inlay and trim themes for guitars. As long as you're not too serious about inlay that is... How can you not like a turquoise EKG?


Click Here - for Google results, YouTube vids, etc., on applying decals to guitars.

Guitar ReRanch - is a great source for paint and re-finishing supplies. ReRanch stocks all the classic vintage guitar (automobile) colors in Nitro. Many custom boutique builders get their supplies from ReRanch.

Pimp Your Strat Directory -Mods, wiring diagrams, tips, tutorials and hardware upgrades suppliers. More suppliers for loaded and graphic pickguards.


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