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Twilight Mod for Hello Kitty Strats

twilight guitar girl memorabilia
Image: Amazon.com

Always on the cutting edge of contemporary culture-- here's a great tip just in time for Christmas.

Wouldn't the teenage guitar girl in your family just love a Twilight themed Hello Kitty Strat?!

The Kitty Strat pictured here sells at Amazon for only $197 (click the link above image).

Accessorizing that Hello Kitty with the right Twilight Merchandise i.e.: Alice's Choker, Edward's Wristcuff or assorted Twilight memorabilia, stickers, etc.-- in addition to some well placed fang finish distress marks would make for the ultimate axe-gurl weapon of the season and a great little DIY project to show just how chill mom & dad can be!

Click on the image or merch link above for Amazon's current full line of Twilight merch & bling.

Accessorize and make a your special girlie happy this Christmas!

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