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Stratoblogster's 1973 Guitar Game Controller

I just remembered this one. Early in my pre-guitar playing youth, I used to come home from school and play the Etch-a-Sketch to my Hendrix albums. During the solos, I would try to keep up, making stair-step things or EKG-like lines trying to emulate what the riffs "looked" like.

It wasn't until later with the introduction of malted beverages & ______ that jumping around playing air guitar or a tennis racket took over, ultimately leading to harder substances (real guitars). But in the very beginning I was drawing guitar solos on my Etch-a-Sketch.

Did anyone else ever do this? Probably not huh...

If anyone else really ever did this, let's get together and start a nifty little cult ok.

Note: The above story is true. Any similarity to fiction or fantasy is strictly coincidental.

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