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A Strat for Friday #100- Custom Shop '66 Firemist Silver

Fender Custom Shop Firemist Silver Stratocaster

As listed at PrivateReserveGuitars.com , the complete designation is:

"Fender Custom Shop 1966 Stratocaster Firemist Silver Metallic Closet Classic LTD Electric Guitar"

A title truly worthy of our 100th Strat for Friday! But, I'm still gonna nickname it "Skippy".

This Closet Classic finish treatment looks like an ice skating rink surface on 2 for 1 night or an Etch-a-Sketch screen after a bumpy car ride-- OR how 'bout the secret hidden munchkin graffiti on the Tin Man's a$$... Why, it's all of that and more!

It's checked to the point of what is known as crazed; another reason to be featured here. Nitrocellulose lacquer with silver metallic does that. Inhaling the fumes sometimes makes everything look like that too. Maybe there's some kind of psychic swami who can look at the checking and read your future-- "I see that you'll be paying this off for quite awhile. Stay away from lacquer fumes! That'll be $50 please..."

Click on the image for better close-ups before Skippy sells. PRG has a number of nice & spendy units in their inventory.

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