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Shawn Lane Turning a White Stratocaster Purple!

MyShawnLaneVideos is the definitive Youtube channel for the late great Shawn Lane.

According to the vid's description, this Dec. 13, 1991 clip was at Shawn's house just before leaving for a gig. He's "test driving" this particular Strat for the first time and seems to take a fancy to it, and at one point pauses to comment: "...Doesn't sound like it looks!".

At 0:49 he goes into the classic Hendrix, "Machine Gun" meltdown riff from Band of Gypsys minus any effects. Partly scattered Jimi-isms of serious wickedness are preciptated here & there throughout a measurable 85% shred flurries index. Pick up more purple spots at 1:58 and again at 4:02!

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