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Recent Interesting Guitar Blogs

As Guitar Flame chips away at building a following, I'm really seeing the IG factor develop. Our Romanian guitar blogger Ovidiu attempts to tackle a broad spectrum of international & timeless issues concerning musicians while eating chips in his car in the supermarket parking lot.

Pribek - blogging from his '73 Winnebago in an undisclosed location within Missouri's Ozark Hills (I'm not makin' this up folks!) has a Friday feature which invites your opinion and commentary-- with this week's feature: "Pat Metheny or Allan Holdsworth?" You'd expect that from a guitar oriented blog, but ya never know because Pribek can get pretty random and post about Martha Stewart. Next Friday could be "Mary Ann or Ginger?"

Guitarz continues to bring us eBay's most bizarre guitar finds. I'm still undecided about the Strat with the Levi's denim tuck & roll job from France. The Coneheads were from France too.

Guitar Holiday who keeps dishin' out wild & zany bursts of "meaningless guitar driven drive" lets us know about the Electric Ladyland DVD documentary coming out in December. That ain't meaningless! What's Holiday doin' in that photo anyway?

Guitar Player Zen - Check out the recent psych evaluation for the Blues via Psychology Today & a Syracuse Univ. Prof who seem to know something about Blues and artists in general. What a friggin' joke! Either way, Jeff at Zen posts a great BB King clip from an early '70's performance at Sing Sing Prison showing that Artists actually do the job that shrinks are supposed to do.

IG Blog - "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is Still Dead"
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