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Mitch Mitchell, 7/9/47 - 11/12/08 RIP

I just stumbled onto this item. You can Google news it for all the details.

The crux of the biscuit is that it was natural causes and that Mitch Mitchell was performing and doing what he loved doing up until the very end. Although we've lost him too soon, he had a very cool life.

Far from an ordinary Rock drummer, Mitch could possibly be considered the first fusion drummer. It's said that Miles Davis' move into fusion was inspired by Hendrix. I'm sure part of that inspiration also came from the aggressive jazz grooves of Mitch Mitchell.

IMHO the rock world has suffered from way too many John Bonham wannabees and not enough Keith Moon clones who could really pull it off. But there was only one Mitch Mitchell.

I was recently listening to the May 30, 1970 Berkley Community Center Experience recordings with Billy Cox and Mitch. Hendrix was doing some Band of Gypsys stuff, and I remember thinking about the differences between Mitchell & Buddy Miles' playing on Machine Gun.

Here's to Mitch Mitchell! He had a good run and inspired a lot of people!

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