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Jacqueline Mannering's Matching Strat & Chuck Taylor Gear

UK's Jacqueline Mannering recently stopped by to inquire about our Strat-o-Sister program and leave us a link to her Youtube Channel- Jacqueline92. I'm thinkin' 92 is the year she was born (pretty intuitive, huh... well, it's a gift.).

Jacqueline has a number of vids uploaded showing steady progress and a regular breakfast preference for SHREDDED wheat, USA Strats and matching American hi-tops. You go gurl!!!

How many vids have YOU & I uploaded?

So Jacqueline, you're in the program under provisional status, on the conditions that you add some bacon to your diet-- plenty of it and heavy Cream on that cereal. Slow down, remember to breathe and get some Blues in the house ok! Find a teacher with good vibrato technique and make them show you! You'll be the Killer Queen!

We also recommend repeated viewings of your UK Strat-o-Sister Jo Shaw Taylor video for good measure. And don't forget the bacon!

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