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Dean Magraw - World Music Strat-o-Brother

I just discovered Minneapolis musician Dean Magraw in an article about him at MinnPost.com.

In the featured clip, a tune called Isabella, Magraw's playing is kinda like those West African cats. This one had me dancin' all around the Stratoblogster compound with my big 'ol mug of green tea! It's a clean Strat sound, not too wet and on the bridge pickup.

Per Pamela Espeland's article, Dean Magraw plays several styles of music using different guitars, plus some stringed instruments from different cultures. His Myspace- first link above- features some avant garde stuff including another vid with the white Strat in which he's doing something completely different than the above vid-- sort of a Bill Frisell feel with more Major voicings and an attack entirely based on volume swells as opposed to the syncopated chunka chunka in Isabella.

Either way, this guy makes some happy music and kinda looks like Robert De Niro sometimes-- "Look at me... Look at me..." Dean Magraw is on the CandyRat Records label, an outfit with some interesting guitar players like another Strat-o-Brother Steffen Schackinger . Make yourself a big ol' mug of green tea!

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