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Chelsea Constable - Guitar MONSTER Strat-o-Sister!!!

Guitar girl Chelsea ConstableAt 18, Chelsea Constable isn't simply a good guitar player "for a girl" or "for a teenager"... We can scrap all that novelty crap right now!

Because Chelsea Constable is a whoop ass guitar player in ANY context! Resembling the guitar equivalent to bass gal Tal Wilkenfeld though considerably younger, Chelsea could easily join the Jeff Beck road show, handling old Batten duties, while forming a dynamic duo sisterhood with Tal and thus doubling Jeff's pizzazz factor. I should get paid for ideas like this!

Equally at home shredding Malmsteen or Rhodes as she is at totally duplicating the feel and nuances of Billy Gibbons-- or pulling off a mean cover of Satch Boogie, this sister- hailing from Kingsport, Tennessee- is really a South Saturn Delta Force Senior Officer. What's that mean? Well, basically she's one of the few who return to find the stars misplaced and the smell of a world that is burned.

Chelsea is currently working on her debut release which will include some heavy cats on board. This chick is connected! So keep tabs with her myspace (link below) for release updates!

Was Joe Bonamassa this good at 15? I don't think so. Nick Sterling? Forget about it! Think I'm blowin' smoke? Just check the links below for tunes and video. Similar to Joe Bonamassa, Chelsea has the guitar lexicon and the Blues in her DNA and past lives.

Special thanks to Laurie at Truth In Shredding for the tip!

Satch Boogie @ Youtube
INTERVIEW at Metal Monthly

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