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Carolyn Wonderland - Killer Blues Guitar Woman!!!

Performing Judgement Day Blues in Portland, Oregon (turn it up!)

Having just discovered Carolyn Wonderland, it didn't take long to feel like the last person to do so. She's pretty much an Austin, Texas institution-- Austin even has an official Carolyn Wonderland Day (Feb 28); decreed by the mayor. Austin never ceases to amaze me!

I just caught Wonderland on Austin City Limits last weekend, and was blown away! Susan Tedeschi fans need to check out Carolyn Wonderland. This lady plays a few different guitars, although I don't find her playing Strats-- but oh well, I'm makin' her an official Strat-o-Sister any friggin' way so just deal with it. That Tele Thinline has Joe Barden double rails in it. Carolyn doesn't use a pick and has one of the most aggressive attack techniques you're gonna see. Her boyfriend must be pretty chill... or else! She also plays a mean lap steel, mandolin and TRUMPET! Watch your local TV listings for her ACL show!

In ACL's little interview bit, she mentions originally wanting to be a multi-intrumentalist and never wanting to sing, however in one of the first gigs of the first band she was in, the singer became ill and Carolyn had to take over vocals. I'd say it worked out!

Anyway, the above video isn't the best quality but it gets better once you get into it. The vid is from Summer 2008 Portland Oregon Waterfront Blues Fest. There's plenty of other video online but this one shows a great balance of her technique & attitude. She's a Blues Weapon!!!

Carolyn Wonderland's newest release is "Miss Understood"-- Get mp3 download at Amazon.

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