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Blues Historian - Great Blues Music Blog

Blues Historian blog covers as much current Blues culture as legendary Blues subject matter. Regular schedules for Blues music venues in many cities are posted, as well as reviews on contemporary and up & comer Blues artists. This blog will bring you up to speed on the entire Blues scene, plus update you on Blues events coming to your town.

Trying to expand your Blues guitar playing vocabulary? If you're stuck in a I-IV-V rut, the late legend Albert King (youtube results link) is a great one to check out for variations, funky Blues grooves and string bending the way it was meant to be.

From our Chops Directory, below are a couple guitar programs for discovering lots of Blues approaches, chords, progressions, turn arounds & styles:

Playing Through the Blues
(Blues guitar instruction course site)

50 Blues Backing Tracks
(Blues guitar instruction course site-- lots of videos, cool turnarounds and variety!)

There's no good reason to sit around doing the same old pattern and justifying it with a "blues is limited" attitude. What's cool about Blues is that you can start from the ground and keep inventing it. Robben Ford, SRV, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Trucks & Scott Henderson are guitar players who take the Blues and keep going out further & further while still anchoring to the Blues. Youtube them and hear the possiblities being explored. That's where Jazz came from.

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