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Attention Lefty Tele Players with $$$!!!

Here's one tasty burger from the mailbox, for the TDPRI crowd:

"Dear DeTemple Guitars Customers,

I am sending this message out to all of our customers to let you know about this rare guitar for sale. Please let any of your left handed guitarist friends know about his wonderful guitar. Have them give me a call to answer any questions they may have.



Rare One of a Kind Left Handed DeTemple ’52 (Tele Style) Guitar

Rare One of a Kind Left Handed DeTemple ’52 (Tele Style) Guitar. We made this for Elliot Easton of the Cars. This guitar is the only left handed DeTemple in existence and it is the lightest guitar we have ever built. It weighs just under 6.5 lbs. It has all of our DeTemple Titanium Parts, including Titanium Saddles, Titanium Ferrules, and Titanium Neck Plate. We made this guitar with the upgraded Red Maple Neck and Custom Mid 50’s finish. It also has our Special Open Back Tuners. This guitar is really a special instrument and it is being offered direct from DeTemple Guitars. You can be the owner of the only “Lefty” DeTemple ever made. Please give us a call for more details.

Phone (818) 782-9933

Email: mike@detempleguitars.com


Michael DeTemple

DeTemple Guitars

P.O.Box 56626

Sherman Oaks, Ca. 91413

(818) 782-9933

(818) 782-9993 (fax)



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