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Wayne Krantz - Improvisational Approaches of a Strat-o-Brother

Even though Wayne Krantz was born in Corvallis, Oregon (per Wiki...), this NYC based guitar player has an East Coast feel & resume' through & through. Having worked with Steely Dan, Michael Brecker, Billy Cobham & Leni Stern, to mention a few, Krantz is most at home exploring new improvisational territory as a solo artist with his own band. Perhaps his Pacific NW roots at least partially explain Krantz' improv spirit and need to step out beyond more traditional bebop.

As a Strat player, I kinda see Krantz as an Eastside Michael Landau with a more syncopated attack.

The above video is part 1 of a 3 part French produced documentary from 1999. Live performance footage is combined with Krantz describing his approach to making music in a very down to earth & non-pretentious fashion.

Part 2

Part 3

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