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Tremol-No Your Stratocaster Bridge For Under $50 !

Block Strat Trem the Easy Way!

Tremol-No Tremolno Guitar Trem Device No, Mercedes Benz hasn't started making disposable shavers...

Tricked Out Guitar is still selling Tremol-No units for under $50, including free shipping! That's the best deal-- check around yourself!

T.O.G. is also a Stellartone Tonestyler dealer and can save you $ on Stellartone products too.

(Note: Sale prices are temporary & subject to change. Now is still a good time to get a Tremol-No.)

Tremol-No quickly turns your guitar into a hardtail and/or converts a floating trem to dive only mode. Whichever you need. This device requires no mods, and installs or uninstalls in seconds, permitting you to use it and not use it throughout a gig on one guitar (just keep the spring cavity cover plate off like Eric Johnson sez).

Strat-type trems, including Fender, Wilkinson & Gotoh utilize the model 2005 "pin type". For other guitar/trem types see this CHART. Tremol-No installs in the spring cavity in place of a spring. Check this VIDEO for complete details.

Tremol-No is also supposed to improve sustain since it adds resonance conducting mass between the body and the trem block. It also solves problems that expensive, odd looking "gadget" retro-fit trem units have been promising-- "What's that weird thing on your guitar?!".

Tremol-No doesn't alter your guitar's appearance.

Strat Wiring Diagram Schematics

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