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Stratoblogster Needs a Nifty & Spiffy 100th Friday Strat!

That's right! Both nifty and spiffy, but not necessarily in that order ok.

Next Friday- Nov. 7, 2008 - marks our 100th Strat for Friday. At this moment, I don't have anything in mind, so I'm soliciting reader submissions.

To qualify, I think the 100th should be a Fender, but I will consider any S-type. The guitar does not have to be or look tricked out. Maybe it has an interesting story, i.e. it's haunted, previously owned by somebody famous, once stopped a bullet, etc., etc. Hell, make something up! Imagination & humor always count.

Lemme know what you got!

Submit at this easy-to-find COMMENT LINK.

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