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Strat-o-Sister of The Blues, Laura Chavez

It's been awhile since we've posted a Strat-o-Sister. Sorry about that folks! Bay Area based musician Laura Chavez is touring around wowing folks with her no-nonsense Blues guitar playing. Laura is in her early twenties, but riffs like an old soul for sure!

The tour schedule at Laura's Myspace shows her venturing afar with October gigs in Sweden & Finland, as well as up and down the West Coast US. She's even coming to Portland, OR in November-- that's Stratoblogster territory. Also check out the video just above her schedule.

Laura recently performed at the 3rd Annual National Women In Blues Festival in Wilmington, N. Carolina. Triviana.com features an article to help you get to know Laura better.

From the Triviana piece:

'...'I don't want to force the music,'' she says of the way she plays, ''I've never been about seeing how many notes I can play per measure.''

Instead, Chavez lets the notes stretch out when that works best for the tune, with a style that reminds of B.B. King, the late Albert King, or South Bay greats Chris Cain and Michael Osborn.

''A lot of the music I listen to isn't guitar-based,'' Chavez says. ''I listen a lot to singers ... it's more melody based...''

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