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A Strat for Friday #98 - Fender Original 1954

(photo: Guitarville By Vegas)
Vintage Fender 1954 Stratocaster
Guitarville By Vegas eBay listings currently feature this '54 Strat at $59K. Besides a refret, everything is indicated to be original. There are several photos of the entire guitar, but I wanted to focus on the tint, aging & wear on the fretboard and headstock. A close look at the fretboard reveals the dimples from decades of playing (the photos are larger and clearer at the listing). Hank Williams Jr. has owned this Strat, as well as a few other folks.

Guitarville By Vegas is run by Ed Matthews in Minnesota (not Las Vegas). Ed's been in the vintage guitar business for a long time. He has a Platimum eBay status with over 3500 positive ratings and over 2000 return customers. Ed doesn't deal with junk, and can verify the authenticity of the items he sells.

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