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A Strat for Friday #96 - Michael Tuttle- '54 Classic S

Michael Tuttle Guitars at Guitar Adoptions
This week's feature has me going just as gaga over the website as with the guitars!

Michael Tuttle is a top builder and guitar player who worked for Valley Arts and Don Grosh prior to doing his own line. His clients include many top session musicians, and models are based on standard Fender platforms, with beyond standard touches. The '54 Classic S series embraces several finish and pickup configs of which one must peruse at the website. Tuttle also does custom work and repairs, and has a reputation as a fretwork wizard.

For a bit more overview, click here for a GP review on Tuttle's hollow Tele type models.

Although this may seem like just another vanilla clone Friday Strat (yawn...), the real pleasure begins when you step into Tuttle's website at www.bestfrets.com . Make sure your speakers are on so you can hear the tonefully exquisite guitar playing. Besides the site opening music, several primo audio clips are also featured for the various models-- along with amp and player specs provided. Finally-- a guitar maker site that puts its tones where it's mouth is!

While listening, you'll wanna take in the photo galleries. The sleek & easy to navigate site both promotes and reflects the elegance of the sounds and instruments featured throughout. All guitar builder websites should be this clean and aesthetic. Best of all, it's totally B.S. free!

GuitarAdoptions.com is a Michael Tuttle dealer with other toneful, hi-end gear lines and savvy personal service as well. Be sure to visit their website too!

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