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'REHAB' Series Strats Coming Next

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October 20, 2008
Ever on the lookout for emerging trends, I predict the REHAB Series is just on the horizon.
Rehab is a pop culture/media PR-term essentially meaning "no longer sexy, but here's another reason to be noticed".

Strats are packaged in various ways these days. We've also seen the emergence of the "Trophy Strat", as the icon is utilized for promotion, fund raising and collectible speculations. We must all ask ourselves why we need another Strat. Do we truly seek a holy grail of tone, or a "Status-ocaster"?

No idealist myself-- and eager to join the party, I believe the REHAB Series will epitomize the true expression and identity we seek from a fine Strat. The photo above illustrates lifestyle issues typically associated with a need for rehab. You know how it can get out on the road-- played hard & put away wet, can't remember you're own name, self abuse, etc...

The REHAB Series will involve taking a standard model, then relic-ing/aging it, then re-finishing it back to almost new condition, then re-aging it, then cleaning it up a bit, re-re-aging it some more, etc.

Y'know, kinda like being in and out of rehab.

Does this seem ridiculous? Keep reading. Each REHAB Series Strat would come with it's very own story book documenting your guitar's wild life and times leading up to rehab(s). Just call it a "Case File", y'know-- in the case candy. A companion DVD would present classic film clips of pivotal events in rock and roll history, with your guitar edited into the scenes through the miracle of modern technology-- similar to those heart warming Forrest Gump scenes or that Elvis' duet with Celine on American Idol, only cooler cuz it's a Strat.

The REHAB Series would represent a Strat that's really BEEN AROUND. Pricing would be based upon a # of rehab cycles scale tier structure-- the higher "value" models being those with the most rehab cycles.

MOJO never looked so good!!!


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