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Play In Tune-- Be In Tune

Keeping your guitar in tune, keeps your mind in tune and keeps you happier.

Just not in the mood to play your guitar? Try tuning it and see if that helps.

Just not in the mood to tune your guitar? Tune your guitar, and tune your mood.

I got into the habit of checking my guitar's tuning every time I pick it up, instead of rationalizing with the old "close enough...". I discovered that my enthusiasm for playing is always greater when playing a well tuned guitar. Keeping it well tuned also sharpens my ability to perceive it drifting out.

Although some people consider reliance upon a tuner to be a crutch, I rely on the tuner to keep my mind calibrated, which greatly assists my playing intonation.

Guitars can drift out of tune so subtly, you don't notice. Everyone has different thresholds of pitch perception, but using a tuner diligently can tighten and sharpen your perception threshold. Contrary to the "crutch" opinion I say more is better. A tuning tool assists you in maintaining a standard that trains your mind to perceive when the standard goes out. Thus, your threshold for perceiving pitch sharpens. Don't accept the opinion that things like IQ, pitch perception and rhythm don't change. Like muscles, they can be trained and strengthened. If used regularly, your tuner can be like a Bowflex for your pitch perception. So understand that frequently tuning your guitar also tunes your mental capacity for recognizing when it drifts out of tune.

I used to be lazy about tuning, which resulted in playing less. At some point I realized that my interest in playing was directly proportional to how in-tune the guitars were. Keeping a high standard for tuning has also improved my phrasing, bends and vibrato.

Too basic? Oh well, I'm just sayin'...

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