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The People's Amp, When the Dow is Down, the People Rock On!

I discovered this at a great guitar blog called Six String Soul (add to your blog favorites).

Karl Wohlwend of Columbus, Ohio is fed up with the high cost of boutique and vintage amps. So he's doing something about it, and he'll build one for you too! Perhaps the gear scene is coming full circle-- circular saw that is.

"The People’s Amp is based on the legendary Marshall 1974, often referred to as the “Bluesbreaker Jr” or the Marshall 18 Watt..." read more

$650.00-- And as you can see, not a speck of particle board either!

This is one of those, "Why didn't I think of it?!" items. Brilliant! The pendulum swings!

Just imagine Karl at NAMM doing one of those Home Depot DIY demonstrations with the little boom mic headset, orange apron, his DeWalt table saw and a big ol' smokin' black Weller solderin' gun!

Or how about some kinda Mad Max apocolypse movie scene with crazed death metal shredders trading their women for these amps in the quest for ultimate survival. I'm hearing the voice of narrator Don LaFontaine right now!

But seriously folks, go to www.thepeoplesamp.com and read the page. Karl makes a lot of sense and gets right down to basics. What's next-- an Egnator People's Amp Module?! Oops! The pendulum swings again!

Just call Karl or do your own DIY thing! Power to the People, Right On!!!

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