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Nick Poczynek-- Young Strat-o-Brother!!!

Young Nick Poczynek decided to learn Eric Johnson's Cliffs of Dover on a real guitar as opposed to wanking it out on a Guitar Hero controller. THEN he decided to perform it live at his high school talent show & post it on Youtube-- as opposed to some sterile TAB regurgitation from his bunk bed into a webcam.

Yessiree! This Kingwood, Texas high schooler has CHOPS! He navigates the Cliffs with the chops he has, plays it through and gets a great amp sound too. And look at them boys wearin' their ties. They must know that "every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man"!

Seems like an acceptable senior honors project to me. These Texas kids have their priorities right! Give this lad a scholarship to MI or Berklee, what the hell! Anyone who covers EJ that well is connected to tone & feel with serious potential.

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