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Nasty , Dirty Guitar Tone, But Clean Hands Please!

Recent comments at my Play-Be in Tune post reminded me about the importance of good hygiene.

Here's our "guitar-mom" to tell ya all about it:

"You wanna keep those strings wiped off when you're done playing. Get the undersides of 'em too. Keep an old t-shirt with your guitar-- like those old campaign t's. No guitar should be rode hard and put away wet! Especially in Alaska!

Wash your hands before playing too, Joe! Especially if you've been workin' under the hood all day or eatin' fried chicken and ribs. Getcha some of that Lava soap. And if you have to let somebody else play your guitar, make them wash their grubby ass hands too! Be nice about it, but insist.

Don't ya just hate going into a guitar shop and pulling a scuzzy axe off the wall?! You'd think the non-assembly line work environment of your typical main street guitar shop might permit the friendly staff a free moment here & there to monitor that situation and keep those guitars clean. I'm not tryin' to go OCD here, you just never know where some musicians have been-- or maybe you do.

You don't wanna debate me about that one.

A helpful hint to gear merchants out there: Provide anti-bacterial moist towelettes for your customers and your own class establishment mojo! Which also reminds me -- if you're gonna eat BBQ before a gig, don't go to a Tony Roma's just for their nice moist towelettes. Sure, they're nice alrighty, but the ribs suck! Go to a place with decent BBQ, bring the bar of Lava and later, when you're playing it clean, you can thank me and yourself!

It's the little things folks-- and hygiene is a gosh darn important one too."

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