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Ivan Mihaljevic's Sandcastle Solo Project

ere's Ivan Mihaljevic playing the title cut of his recently released Sandcastle album. Ivan is one of our first Strat-o-Brothers, first featured in October 2006. He was kind enough to contact me about the new release-- and even send a CD which almost didn't survive its journey from Croatia to the USA. With a number of Swiss & Germany gigs scheduled thoughout this Fall, it looks like Ivan and bandmates themselves are able to journey beyond Zagreb.

Although Ivan could easily stick to darker neo-classical shred themes, the optimism and adventure of his music incorporates a variety of textures utilizing acoustic guitar tracks, vocal harmonies, occasional pentatonics and rock anthem choruses. With a nice balance of instrumental and vocal tunes, the influences of Morse, Petrucci, Satch & Vai help drive things in a bright direction with plenty of shred and imagination to spare. One of my fave instrumental tracks is Cascading Mirrors (a great one for the car). Ivan's vocal style has plenty of edge and attitude without going subterranian-- and enough sincere melodicism for the ladies to roll with it too.

Yeah, Ivan's an old Strat player, even though Morse & Petrucci have heavily shoved him into EB Music Man land. Oh well.

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