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Fender 2009 Custom Shop Calendar

vintage collectible guitar calendars
(image via Amazon)
If The Chinery Collection doesn't exactly fit your budget, at the very least pick up your 2009 Custom Shop Calendar. These are available in a 16 month wall version or daily desktop model.

CLICK HERE for current calendar at Amazon.com.

Looks like the cabernet stained Presidential model adorns this year's cover. How appropriate... (see Friday Strat #87)

Remember 16 months! The four Fender months are Stratember, Ampril, Teletober & Vibroluxuary (I make up new ones every year).

Click Here to find back issue Custom Shop Calendars and other vintage, collectible guitar calendars from past years. Many images are suitable for framing,
and a great way to spruce up the garage, bar, den, man cave, foyer, ceiling, wherever...

I keep 'em in the fridge to remind me how fast that beer & snack money adds up to the next guitar, even though I still have a beer gut and the next guitar is not in sight.

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