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Electro-Harmonix Takin' It to the Streets With User Video Blogs

Ever wonder what some of those oddly named Electro-Harmonix pedals are supposed to do? Some folks have been wondering for 40 years-- because EHX has been around that long! No kiddin'! And they're still owned and operated in the USA by the same folks.

In the interest of keepin' it real and keepin' things fresh, EHX is creating a Web 2.0 blog/video sharing community where EHX users can submit their own demo videos and commentary. Each EHX product has its very own dedicated blog thread for visitors to explore and discover just what kinda sauce and gumbo folks are cookin' up outta those whacky little boxes we've been scratchin' our heads about for so long.

So like, what's a HOLY STAIN anyway?!

Over the decades, while providing the best in analog entertainment, these sultans of sheet metal are also dabbling in diecast housings and marketing their own line of vacuum tubes! Just the kind of progress we guitar players demand!

Ready to bring your bizarre basement EHX stompbox experiments upstairs? EHX wants to help you show the rest of the world.

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See & hear what's going on at WWW.EHX.COM where each pedal image links to it's own video blog-- plus, the "Browse EHX Products" menu tours the entire product line, blog by blog.

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