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Who Reads Stratoblogster #3 - Sarah... or is it Tina?

(satire- best read aloud in Fargo accent)

"Ya know, up in Alaska, when we're not huntin' the moose ya know, we're spendin' a fair amount a'time on that internet ya know. That is, when we're not ALSO playin' our guitars and just bein' hockey moms.

So when I put my Strat down ya know- and this gal plays a real Strat, just like a man too, and not a pink one either - I dial up the Stratoblogster on my internet ya know! Gosh, any hockey mom who plays guitar oughta be readin' that Stratoblogster ya know! He's just the cat's meow alright!

I plan to provide a new guitar for every Alaskan man, woman and child, once I get that oil flowin' again! And I have Stratoblogster to thank for helpin' me tap into the perfect guitars to withstand our cold Alaska climate- both indoors and outdoors too, ya know. You betcha!

Gosh! And ya know that kinda revenue means we can afford 'em too by golly! Can you spell "innovate"? How 'bout backwards? b-a-c-k-w-a-r-d-s -- you betcha!

So, you just take it from me see, a mom who knows, and listen to that sweetie Stratoblogster. Even Hillary and Condoleezza too, agree with me on at least one thing... that this guitar bloggin' fella here knows what he's talkin' about ya know! Gosh!

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