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Stratocaster News This Week

Not much blogging this week as I've been away with family stuff.

This week's top Strat news item alerts include the following:

Burnt Hendrix Strat from London Astoria performance was finally auctioned off at $497,557.00 (equiv. to 280K pounds) to Danny Boucher, an American guitar broker. Yeah, there are guitar dealers, guitar collectors-- and guitar brokers. Wouldn't ya like to be a broker too?! Click Here for the full Boston Herald scoop.

Fender busy with 3 Harley Davidson tribute Strats commemorating HD's recent 105th birthday and celebrating the opening of Harley's museum in Milwaukee. Click Here for scoop from news. Before you double-take on the fact that all HD Strats have been made by Custom Shop luthier Scott Buehl, be aware that HD's Buell crotch rocket line is spelled differently.

Fender also releasing a Kenny Wayne Shepherd '61 Strat, according to press release references via Music Radar & I don't see anything at yet but stay tuned there too. Surprisingly, the new KWS Strat is NOT a Relic'd instrument. Reportedly available in black, white or burst-- they are clean, unaged and even sport a nifty racing stripe.

I only wish Joe Bonamassa was a Fender guy instead of with Gibson... In a perfect world I guess.

There ya have it folks.

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