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A Strat for Friday #94 - Fender- DeMarco 'It's Floodin' Down in Texas'

Thanks to Dave at Sans Direction!

Virtual Vintage Guitars currently lists this SRV dedication Strat for sale on their website. The guitar is a one of a kind piece originally created for an exhibit at the Oceanside Museum of Art in San Diego. It was also exhibited in the Fender Museum of Music and the Arts. Fender built the guitar in '01 and it was sent to California artist John DeMarco, who painted a Texas Flood* on the front and a portrait of SRV on the back. There are also song lyrics, assumably in SRV's handwriting, transferred onto the pickguard.

Click the above image for more & better photos. A closer view of the neck shows a serious piece of maple!

DeMarco features the Strat on his website labeled "SOLD". VVG purchased it from DeMarco in 2002 for their private collection, and has been the sole owner. Now they are listing it for sale. The guitar comes with special cert. from the artist, also the case. Contact VVG HERE for more info. I also strongly urge you to take a look around John DeMarco's website as he has a lot of very nice musician themed artwork on display.

*Notice all the telephone lines are down.

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