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Steve Vai's New Ibanez Jemini Distortion Pedal

Remember, that's Jemini with a "J"! Christmas must be just around the corner, because both Steve Vai and "guit-preneurial" pal Joe Satriani have new products on the market. Both items are gain-distortion pedals with similar two stage features. In the above vid, Vai along with handy Vai clone provide a humor filled thrill ride demonstration of the new Ibanez Vai Distortion Pedal. Kooky video by two wild and crazy guys!

Satch's recent offering, is The Satchurator- built by Vox- recently reviewed by Guitar Gear Blog .

Both ignoring the current Green Standard for OD/distortion pedals, the Vai comes in trademark psychedelic finish, and the Satchurator is a hot, angry red, offset with vintage white chicken head knobs.

These are dandy stocking stuffers, so shop early and avoid the rush!

Compare Jemini and Satchurator at these fine merchants:

Musician's Friend
American Musical Supply

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