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Shawn Lane's Pentatonic Runs- Key to Eric Johnson

Rich at The Guitar Channel recently did a post about Shawn Lane, who passed away 5 years ago this Friday (9/26). FOG Magazine features a good article about Lane which provides more info. about his health issues, as well as a cool retrospective of Shawn's career.

Although much of the guitar community is familiar with Shawn Lane as perhaps "the ultimate shredder", many aren't aware of how musical and bluesy he could be. There are many more dimensions to Shawn Lane's musical legacy than just fast shred guitar.

Youtube's Shawn Lane channel MyShawnLaneVideos is loaded with a number of surprises, including the above clip of Shawn covering the Eric Johnson tune "Trademark" in 2000. Shawn & EJ have some history. Eric Johnson fans, working on playing in this style can also find pieces of the puzzle in Shawn Lane's techniques. Same goes for you Scott Henderson folks.

Click Here for a brief clip of Paul Gilbert demonstrating Lane's pentatonic runs, similar to some we also hear from Eric Johnson.

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