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"The Nammys" Nominate Two Strat-o-Brothers!

Arizona Strat-o-Brother Sir Harrison (pictured) of Sir Harrison & the Blues Kings, let me know he's a Blues category nominee for this year's 10th Annual Native American Music Awards (NAMA) aka "The Nammys".

Another Strat-o-Brother Levi Platero, from New Mexico, is also a Blues nominee.

The NAMA website is really cool! There are several categories each with 6-7 nominees and a music player with a tune sample for each.

Categories include contemporary music, but my favorites are actually the traditional Native American ones i.e. Pow Wow, Native Church, Flute, Spoken Word and Traditional. I've been listening to this stuff all day.

Native Americans have really embraced the Blues too. So check 'em out, register and vote for someone. It's good medicine!

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