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A Strat for Friday #90 - Dexter Time Machine Series- SRV

Mathieu from Korean Guitars recently let me know about his blog which reviews Korean built guitars. While there, I discovered Dexter Guitars and their SRV replica model. Click the photo for the Dexter page with more photos and English specs on this guitar. This looks like an exclusively S. Korean distributed product, and most of the site text is Korean, however their contact info. is in English. Dexter's SRV model has a 2 piece alder body, a bone nut and Gotoh vintage style tuners. I'm unable to interpret from the specs if the pickups and electronics are actually Fender, but they ref. the "Fender" name throughout specs. Also check the sound samples link!

The Label Cloud links at Korean Guitars lists posts about more than a few Korean makers, and a peruse through some of those posts & websites seems to let the OEM cats out of the bag. In other words, many have been building guitars for names with which we're all familiar.

And before anyone gets their nationalistic panties in a knot about this SRV model, just remember that SRV also played Tokai's and was in fact pictured with a Tokai on the Texas Flood pre-release poster graphic-- then an altered graphic was used on the album cover which omitted the Tokai name from the headstock. Click here for details.

Friday Strat #53 features another impressive Korean made offering from Swing Guitars.
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