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Steffen Schackinger, Strat-o-Brother from Denmark

A friend recently turned me on to Steffen Schackinger. This guy from Denmark is full of surprises. A real chill attitude, but ya don't know what's around the next corner. Kinda reminds me of Texas player Mitch Watkins with a healthy dose of Steve Morse & Mark Knopfler influence, although some of his runs are on the Vai-ish side. Alright, so he's eclectic-- that's what I like about him, ok!

Before you yawn, watch at 3:30 when he slams into the neck pickup, then at 3:50 when he downshifts to the bridge pickup. He can drive a Strat like someone from Austin!

Steffen is promoting his brand new release "ElectriGuitartistry" (try saying that fast 5 times!). His Myspace site has a few more sample tunes, plus more video clips.

Denmark is also the home of some high quality effects pedal builders like Carl Martin.

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