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Obscure Guitar 'Pearl' Find at Youtube

Here's a tune I probably haven't heard in #% years! In 1976, "My Pearl" was a one hit wonder for Automatic Man, a band featuring guitarist Pat Thrall, who later went on to help boost a guy named Pat Travers. Thrall was the monster player on such Travers hits as Boom Boom- Out Go the Lights and Snortin' Whisky- Drinkin' Cocaine.

'76 also showcased similar wildness from Rundgren's Utopia, Mahogany Rush & the pre-Steve Perry Journey-- yes, there was a Journey before Steve, and they jammed hard!

My theory is that Pat Thrall might have become better known were his first name not "Pat". I think a lot of the credit defaulted to Pat Travers, since it was Travers' band.

Anyway, Thrall is certainly a Hendrix follower via the school of Trowerology. My Pearl was a pop funk fusion tune that slipped past central scrutinization to high albeit brief radio rotation. Automatic Man's other material was probably too eclectic for the industry to deal with. AM also included Santana drum wunderkind Michael Shrieve along with Doni Harvey & Todd Cochran-- a couple badass brutha's from the Jimi/Sly Stone/Phil Lynott universe. With a little production help from Rundgren or Zappa, those guys could have gained near-household infamy. Check out the tunes on the AM myspace fansite (see below links).

Currently, Pat Thrall continues his long term project with Deep Purple alum Glenn Hughes.

Check 'em all out-- meet the family & fill in some of your Rock anthropology gaps!

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