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Don't Leave Your Stratocaster Out in the Sun!!!

(photo: eBay)
Here's what can happen when you leave it out in the car-- especially if you live in Phoenix or someplace like that!

Actually this is the "Bender Distortocaster" made by Brian Eastwood. We covered this waaay back in Friday Strat #5, however, G.L. over at GUITARZ recently found this one on eBay. G made a cool collage of the listing's pics so that you can really see what this guitar looks like. The photos at the builder's site are not nearly as detailed.

GUITARZ regularly posts guitar finds from the strange & unusual quadrants of the galaxy, many of which accidentally arrive on earth only to pop up on eBay(no sh#@). G.L. is kind of like an M.I.B. agent who monitors alien guitar activity, which means there's probably stuff he can't show us or he'll have to flash that light to erase our memory.

If you think you've sited a guitar that shouldn't be, you may be able to verify it at GUITARZ or else let them know about it for the sake of your own security.
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